AAG sea optical cable has been repaired, Internet Vietnam international return to normal

09/12/2016 7 View

VNPT has said that the international partner has completed the reconfiguration of the source for the entire branch of S1 to correct the error at 21h40 on January 23, This sea cable has restored 100% of the total traffic, Internet connection from Vietnam to the international has returned to normal.

In information sharing with the press this morning, January 25, 1818, VNPT said, according to information from international partners, the partner has rescheduled the source for the entire branch S1 to fix the above international marine optical cable AAG from 7h15 on 21/1/2018 and this ended on 21h40 January 23, 1818. "At present, all the traffic on this international maritime optical cable has been completely restored, and the operation of this sea cable line has been stable," VNPT said.

As a result, the repair and overhaul time for the S1 submarine cable of the AAG Maritime Optical Cable has been completed earlier than the planned date of January 19, 1818.

As reported by ICTnews, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Vietnam have been notified by international partners on Jan. 5, 1818, from January 6 to 22:00, January 7, , APG International Maritime Optical Cable conducts cable transfers in Singapore for Singapore Changi Airport expansion. In line with that, for International Maritime Optical Cable (AAG), international partners have planned to reconfigure the source during the period January 6, 1818 and expected to complete on Jan. 9, 1818.
In fact, the APG cable has completed the transfer and restoration of the transmission line earlier than planned, completing the cable transfer at 15h45 on January 6, 1818. With AAG cable, on the 8th, this cable has recovered 90%. However, due to new fault detection on the S1 branch cable, on 19 January, the international partner announced a plan to perform a full power reconfiguration of the S1 branch on the AAG cable for error correction. At that time, the time expected by international partners is starting from 7:00 pm on January 21, 1818 is expected to end January 25, 1818.

The AAG cable line has a total length of 20,000 km and a design capacity of 2 terabits per second, which directly connects Southeast Asia to the United States. Launched in November 2009, the fiber optic cable service starts in Malaysia and terminates in the US, with landing sites in Mersing (Malaysia), Changi (Singapore), Sri Racha (Thailand). Tungku (Brunei), Vung Tau (Vietnam), Currimao (Philippines), South Lantau (Hong Kong), Guam (USA), Hawaii (USA). kilometer.