General introduction

Thai Duong Co., Ltd. - Sunco., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing electric wire and cable, wire and cable and specialized wires. The products are manufactured in accordance with European and Vietnamese standards, on the automation equipment line of Germany and Japan. The product has been granted a certificate of conformity and trademark monopoly, strictly tested in each production process, according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008.

Currently, the company is providing stable investment for capital construction projects, power companies, export to European American market the following products.

Copper conductor products, PVC, XLPE ... branded SUNCO ..

Telecommunication products: subscriber line, telephone wire, telephone cable, television cable, anti-interference wire, cable protection pipe.

Draw wire products up to 0.01mm2, mine wire, automobile wire, motor.

Wire for mobile devices for computer, export to European market.

Specialized equipment for production of wire and cable, plastic processing, heat supply, measuring equipment, automatic counting.

The purpose of the company is to ensure the maximum benefits of customers by providing high-tech products, reasonable prices, according to the price applied uniform throughout the country. Variety of products, convenient use, fast service, dedicated caring. You use products branded SUNCO absolutely absolute peace of mind in terms of quality and customer care regimes.

With a network of distribution agents in all provinces, cities in the country, sure wire products and cables branded SUNCO will satisfy you.