Recruitment of project manager

31/01/2018 5 View


Description of work:

- Working at the Company Office.

- Research and understand the contents of the purchase and sale contract to coordinate with the monitoring and implementation.

- Research and understand / understand the technical characteristics of products: Busduct of all kinds, panel cabinets, control, cutting equipment, cable tray ladder, wire and cable.

- Coordinate with related partners to monitor the delivery and receipt of goods, documents on import and export documents, actual progress of works (depending on stage).

- Co-ordinate the supervision of timekeeping, accommodation and transportation for foreign experts to carry out projects at the works.

Experience, detailed skills

- Male, 25 years or older.

- Experience in managing, monitoring and implementing the project contract.

- At least 3 years of professional experience.

- Fluency in English.

- Ability to judge, comment and propose good ideas.

- Enthusiastic in work, responsible in work and progressive spirit.

- Working on a distance when required.

- Applicants who are able to use other languages ​​(Russian or Korean).