The number of Internet domain names in Vietnam grows sharply in 2017

09/12/2016 7 View

According to a recent report by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC), Vietnam's national DNS system is currently managed by seven DNS servers located in different locations around the world. Of these there are 5 in Vietnam and over 70 in overseas.

Over the years, the national DNS system has been upgraded, supporting IPv4 / IPv6 parallelism. Currently, 5/7 DNS clusters have been deployed, ready to serve .VN domain resolutions on both IPv4 and IPv6 platforms. Domain-wide queries across the national DNS system in 2017 reached 214.705 billion queries, an increase of 90% over the same period in 2016.

In addition, since the beginning of 2017, the. DNS country DNS server system has been implemented using the DNSSEC standard. Currently Vietnam is one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia and Asia on the application of DNSSEC on the national DNS system. This is an important step in the development of Internet infrastructure in Vietnam and is a preparatory step for the deployment of e-commerce and e-government.Currently, a total of 18 ISPs are connecting to VNIX sites in Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh City. Total network bandwidth reaches 201 Gbps. Total exchange through the VNIX from the date of establishment in 2003 to now reached 486,122,515 Gbytes. The VNIX system, along with the national DNS and ISP networks, has become a major contributor to the national IPv6 network. A total of 13 members are running IPv4 / IPv6 parallel ISPs.

More than 130,000 domain names will be allocated in 2017

According to CISCO report, up to December 2017, IPv6 usage in Vietnam reached about 10% with 4.3 million users. Earlier in 2016, the percentage of IPv6 users in Vietnam was only about 0.05%. APNIC data also shows that Vietnam ranks 3rd in ASEAN (after Malaysia and Thailand) and 5th in Asia for IPv6.

In 2017, VNNIC has developed 137,909 new domain names. This results in a total of .VN domain names not up to 428,940 domain names, up 11.3% over the year 2016.

VN domain is the constant domain name is the country with the highest number of registered users in Southeast Asia. .VN is currently ranked seventh in the list of 10 top-level domain names with the largest number of registered users in Asia.

Also in the past year, VNNIC has coordinated with the Department of E & T (MIC) to strictly handle the electronic information domain name domain. VN without a license. Up to now, there have been 37 cases of .VN domain name being processed, 4 domain names are being revoked.