Prepaid subscribers can only be promoted up to 20% of the value

31/01/2018 5 View

(HNMO) - The Ministry of Information and Communications (TT-TT) has just issued Circular No. 47/2017 / TT-BTTTT stipulating the level of promotion for mobile communication services on the ground. This Circular takes effect on March 1,

Circular No. 47 includes 7 articles, which stipulates the maximum value of services and goods used for sales promotion in a promotion program for mobile communication services and specialized telecommunication goods. Specifically, the maximum promotional level of 20% for prepaid subscribers and up to 50% for postpaid subscribers.

Circular 47 also states that regular customers of mobile information services include postpaid subscribers (including prepaid subscribers who switch to postpaid services during the period when the customer deploys their loyalty program) and rent the prepaid service has been used continuously for a minimum of 1 year and the total charge paid to the mobile business is at least 1 million. The Circular also requires that telecommunication service providers plan to guide customers to switch from prepaid to postpaid subscribers as simple as possible, while strictly adhering to The regulations on promotion limits for land mobile communication services. In case the network violates regulations on promotion limits, it shall be subject to administrative sanctions and tax arrears for sales promotion programs in contravention of regulations.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication, in 2017, the Government issued Decree No. 49/2017 / ND-CP, which stipulates the management and registration of subscriber information; TT-TT has instructed the mobile service providers to sign the commitment and withdraw the sim activated on the distribution channels. By the end of 2017, there are 28 million sim subscribers with suspicious signs discovered, of which about 4 million sim have re-registered information or have been canceled, due to the expiration of use. , the remaining 24 million sim. Businesses have also blocked 214 million messages ...

However, operators continue to race to attract prepaid subscribers new registration, offering promotions for prepaid subscribers, have not done well subscription subscriber information ... so abuse the post. Prepaid subscribers for advertising messages, fraudulent messages, messages with unhealthy content are still rampant. In particular, it is difficult to access the identity of the subscriber because personal information collected by the network operator is incomplete or inaccurate. Meanwhile, postpaid subscribers are loyal customer groups, providing full information to the network when subscribing to the service very little enjoy the policy of promotion.

Therefore, the issuance of Circular 47 ensures fair competition in the market of mobile information services, ensuring safety, social security and the interests of customers using the service.