Spectacular nature: 3 moon reunion at the end of this month

31/01/2018 43 View

On 31-1 to happen a rare astronomical phenomenon. That is the convergence of three phenomena related to the Moon: lunar eclipse, blue moon and supernatural.

The last time this happened nearly 152 years ago, in 1866, Straits Times led a spokesperson for the Singapore Science Center.

Lunar eclipses occur when the Moon enters the darkness of the Earth. The 31 January event will witness the first eclipse of this year.

Usually the moon is only round once in each calendar month and three times in a season. January 31st will be the second full moon in a month so called blue moon. The moon is not exactly blue, so it is called a rare phenomenon, usually occurring every two to eight months.

Full moon on Jan. 31 is also known as the moon, which occurs when the full moon coincides with the nearing point of the Moon in orbit around the Earth.

The most recent occurrence of supernatural phenomena is 21-5-2015, the most recent lunar eclipse is on 4-4-2015.

The Singapore Science Center said the lunar eclipse happened this year and had to wait three years to see the bloody moon on May 26, 2021.